Brooklyn Congregations United leaders join action on Medicaid Matters

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More than 300 people representing, faith, labor and health communities attended the Medicaid Matters across Generations forum.

"Our country deserves a budget that does not pay our bills by cutting access to health care for seniors, working families, children, and people with disabilities-while asking nothing of millionaires and billionaires," said Rev. Heyward Wiggins, co-chair for the PICO National Network National Steering Committee. Senators Al Franken, Sheldon Whitehouse and Claire McCaskill were present and applauded the groups' efforts to stand up for Medicaid.

"The notion that cutting Medicaid will save tax dollars is mind boggling," said Senator McCaskill. She added that her faith tells her that "we take care of people when they are sick." PICO leaders Christy Figueroa and Marlene Kahn spoke at the event. Both said that without Medicaid, their families would not have been able to afford the medical care that they needed. BCU partner, Dr. Abha Agrawal of Kings County hospital testified in front of Senators Franken and McCaskell on why Medicaid saves lives and saves money. Senators John Kerry, Robert Menendez, Jay Rockefeller, and Barbara Mikulski also expressed support for preserving Medicaid benefits.

In a written statement Senator Rockefeller said:"Policymakers in Washington need to hear loud and clear how important Medicaid is to the 68 million families, children, seniors, and people with disabilities who depend on it in good times and bad. Ripping out this safety net would have devastating consequences, forcing financially strapped states to cut health coverage for millions of people."

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